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If you come for hypnotherapy, you need to be ready to let go of old habits. Through hypnosis I can help you with a range of physical and psychological issues, but not with drug addiction or medical illnesses. Read my Booking Info for more information.

My techniques in hypnotherapy are varied to suit your needs. You are probably familiar with timeline regression and this is one of the techniques I use where relevant. Timeline is focused on guiding you back to the underlying source of your issue.  As well as hypnotherapy, I incorporate a range of NLP methods to understand how the problem behaviour is playing out, and how your unconscious mind is making sense of it. When we come to do hypnosis, I know that we are addressing the issue in a way that is most relevant to you. NLP is a potent method which sets a more useful way for you to think and behave. It is a great agent of change.

Through NLP I can recognise your current belief behavioural patterns and replace them with more useful patterns. NLP works on many levels but briefly, it can:

- Get rid of unhelpful mind processes that underlie a particular pattern, emotion or habit;
- Promote clearer communication;
- Improve negotiation skills and performance. 

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